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The company’s mission is to establish a relationship based on trust with you, providing you with a practical, professional, environmentally friendly, efficient and hygiene-oriented solution for washing and ironing your laundry. That’s why we turned to the world’s best manufacturers of equipment and detergents on the market to make it possible for you.

Our vision is to make your life simpler. Dedicate yourself to your guests and leave your laundry to us.

As an apartment owner, I was in need of laundry services in order to provide the best possible service to my guests. In search of the best provider of this service on the Split market, I visited most laundries. I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of them. Driven by the idea that I could do it better, I decided to take on the challenge myself. From the initial idea that these services would only be for the needs of one’s own apartments, the idea of ​​making it a real laundry grew. We are here in an effort to provide you with the best possible service and make the guests of your hotels, hostels, restaurants and apartments satisfied.

Laundromat “Lavanderia” is a newly opened laundromat that offers washing, drying, ironing services for all types of laundry. If you have a restaurant, an apartment or still want to offer the best for your personal laundry, it’s time to contact the newly opened, modern laundry in Split.


We are located at Lovački put 48 in Split, where we offer our users free parking right in front of the laundromat and a safe zone for loading and unloading laundry. In addition, we also offer a laundry delivery and pickup service to all users who do not have a way to get to us, or simply do not have time to drive to us. All that is required is to contact us on mobile number 098 783 108.

The laundry “Lavanderia” also has its own website, which you can visit at Lavanderia.hr. The website is a unique place where you can read all about our services, offers, promotions and all other information that we share with our users.

We believe that we are the best choice for your laundry. We guarantee you a fast service, without unnecessary waiting. Take advantage of the laundry service, which delivers clean, fragrant and ironed laundry to your door within a short period of time after being picked up from your address. It’s just up to you to open up to us.
We put in the maximum effort in order to do our job well and provide you with the maximum satisfaction of cleanliness.
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Tomislav Škondro
CEO Lavanderia d.o.o.

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Lovački put 48
21000, Split

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