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Carpet cleaning – professional carpet cleaning service


Carpet cleaning takes place in our industrial area, we use the following carpet cleaning steps:

  • Step 1 – deep vacuuming of the carpet
  • Step 2 – brushing and vacuuming the carpet again
  • Step 3 – shampooing the carpet
  • Step 4 – using special means to remove stains and spots on carpets
  • Step 5 – rinsing the carpet with water
  • Step 6 – drying the carpet in a centrifugal machine
  • Step 7 – drying and perfuming the carpet on special stands


Agree on a time and deadlines


We will collect your goods at the agreed address


Our expert team will wash and iron the agreed products with the help of professional machines and detergents


Return fresh and fragrant goods to you as soon as possible

Carpet cleaning

washing and cleaning of carpets

We offer the highest quality carpet cleaning. We use only top-of-the-line devices, proven carpet stain removal chemicals from top manufacturers. Our expert team makes sure that we remove the stains without damaging the carpet.

  • Devices – from top manufacturers
  • Pick-up and delivery – On call, we take away and deliver carpets

  • Professional team – we attach special importance to quality
  • Dates – the possibility of agreeing on the dates of arrival and departure

About Carpet Washing

We take care of everything, from picking up your carpet, to washing and removing stains and tidying up. When everything is finished, you will receive a call or SMS, and we will deliver the washed and cleaned carpet to your doorstep, if we have agreed this before!


The Lavanderia laundry pays great attention to the devices we use to wash your carpet. The laundry room is equipped only with high-end devices of the world-famous brands Miele, Schulthess, Electrolux and Krebe Tippo and high environmental characteristics.

Ecological acceptability

We care about the environment and work only with the most acceptable devices.

High performance

With a high-quality selection of devices, we guarantee top quality and speed in our work.

Top brands – washing (cleaning) of carpets

We use top devices for top cleaning results, check the quality of the cleaned products and recognize the quality

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