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Leather cleaning and repair – professional service


Leather cleaning:

Leather cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and stains from leather materials. By removing impurities, you help your things last longer and therefore look good. The leather cleaning procedure is different for natural and synthetic leather, as they are treated with different means.

  1. We analyze the type of skin and prepare it for cleaning
  2. We apply a skin cleanser
    We use sponges or brushes depending on the surface to clean
  3. We wipe and rinse the cleaning agent
  4. Skin softening (if necessary, depending on skin type)

Depending on the size of the product, leather cleaning takes place in the field, and smaller items can also be cleaned in our premises


Agree on a time and deadlines


We will collect your belongings at the agreed address


Our expert team will wash and repair the agreed products with the help of professional machines and detergents


We can deliver fresh and fragrant things to you in the shortest possible time

Cleaning and repairing leather

Leather cleaning

We offer the highest quality cleaning of your leather goods. We use only top devices, and proven products for removing stains and dirt from top manufacturers. Our expert team makes sure that we remove the stains without damaging the leather.

  • Devices – from top manufacturers
  • Pick-up and delivery – We deliver and deliver leather items upon request

  • Professional team – we attach special importance to quality
  • Dates – the possibility of agreeing on the dates of arrival and departure

About leather repair

Leather repair is only possible if the leather has not cracked, for minor cuts we use fillers, and we color and protect the leather, the leather regains its shine and protection against further cracking is created.


Laundromat Lavanderia pays great attention to the devices and means we use to wash leather. The laundry room is equipped only with high-end devices of the world-famous brands Miele, Schulthess, Electrolux and Krebe Tippo and high environmental characteristics.

Ecological acceptability

We care about the environment and work only with the most acceptable devices.

High performance

With a high-quality selection of devices, we guarantee top quality and speed in our work.

Top brands – leather washing

We use top devices for top cleaning results, check the quality of the cleaned products and recognize the quality

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