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General terms and conditions

  1. The company Seclorum d.o.o. is registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb under business number 04870247, OIB: 98568100207
    These general business conditions prescribe the conditions and rules for using the services provided by Seclorum d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) provides within the scope of the registered activity (cleaning, painting, repair services).
    These General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the Company as a service provider on the one hand and the service user (hereinafter: User) on the other.
    By using the services, Users declare that they fully agree with these general business conditions.
  2. During many years of experience and tradition, the Company treats all items received for the purpose of providing services according to high quality standards, rules of the profession, and in accordance with the declaration found on the item of clothing that is cleaned, using modern technology and professional means, dry cleaners and other professional and educated staff.
  3. 3.1. In table 1.1. you can find information about the lifespan of individual items according to their age.
Clothing valuation table in percentages according to age
Type of clothing Average lifespan
Fabric 4
Natural fur 7
Smooth and velor leather 5
Mc cloud jackets 5
Suit 4
Pants, skirts, shirts 3
Ties, shoes 3
Sportswear 2
Cardigan shirts 4
Evening suit 4
Wedding dress 1
Quilts 7
Bed covers 6
Curtains 5
Furniture covers 5
Household linen 4
Carpets 7

Taking into account the lifespan of an individual object, defects that may appear after the service has been performed grow proportionally to the age of the object.
3.2. The company does not assume responsibility for pendants, buckles, straps, fasteners and all other applications. The mentioned accessories to clothing items are often not subject to maintenance instructions
3.3. An object that does not contain a sewn-in label with an indicated care procedure is taken over by the Company solely and solely at the User’s responsibility. Such an item will be subjected to an appropriate care process in compliance with the rules of the profession and our many years of experience in textile care.
3.4. The company cannot guarantee the removal of all soiling (due to the type of soiling itself, inadequate pretreatment attempts and a whole series of other factors) which does not mean that the service was not performed professionally and according to the rules of the profession, and such services are charged in accordance with the current price list. Additional washing and attempts to remove the stain are charged according to the same price list.
3.5. During the use, wearing and care of the object, there are various mechanical influences, friction and wear of textiles, exposure to light and chemicals, and sweat, which reduce the useful value of the object. These effects sometimes become apparent only after the care, washing, chemical cleaning process, and the Company’s responsibility is excluded in relation to them.
3.6. In places of increased pressure on the material and due to mechanical friction (lower part of trousers, elbows in jackets, for example), increased shine occurs. In the process of cleaning and subsequent ironing, the aforementioned cannot be mitigated in any way, and the Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.7. If the manufacturer of the garment did not comply with the conditions for gluing the interlining layer on the frontally fixed parts of the garment, the non-woven fabric may come off during dry cleaning, which is manifested by the formation of bubbles on the surface of the base fabric. The above cannot be mitigated in any way, and the Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.8. The data on the sewn-on labels must correspond to the actual item for which the service is ordered. The manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy of the given data. Internationally valid symbols must apply to the entire item, including buttons and components of the garment (sequins, beads, faux/real fur, etc.) and multiple cleanings should be considered. If the symbols on the sewn-on label are listed incorrectly, the manufacturer is responsible for damage during cleaning.
3.9. Elastane fibers lose their elasticity over time and under the influence of mechanical action, and threads often break. The company is not responsible for such consequences.
3.10. Mechanical damage that becomes noticeable after the service is performed is usually not a consequence of the cleaning process, but rather worn and weakened areas caused by wear or pulled and cracked threads, which became more pronounced during cleaning due to mechanical action. The Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.11. Changes in color and graying occur most often due to insufficient resistance of the color to solvent or water. In the event that the described changes occur during processing that corresponds to the markings on the sewn-in label, then the cause is insufficient quality of the material or the data on the sewn-in label has been entered incorrectly. The Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.12. Color changes include fading of tone caused by exposure to artificial and sunlight. Although these changes are not caused by cleaning, they become more clearly visible after cleaning. They are caused by long-term use or poor light fastness. They are very pronounced in curtains and similar textiles, which are exposed to light for a longer time due to their purpose. Due to long exposure to the sun, fiber damage occurs, which becomes noticeable after dry cleaning. The Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.13. If the textile object was attacked by microorganisms, the stains formed at the place of growth of their colonies cannot be removed, but they can change color during cleaning. The Company is not responsible for such defects.
3.14. Leather items and carpets often do not have a declaration (care instructions, raw material composition) or the declaration prohibits any type of maintenance. For this reason, the aforementioned items are treated solely at the User’s responsibility. Carpets are machine washed only. The user accepts full responsibility for any defect in the item that arises if it is not treated in accordance with the declaration.
3.15. The company is not obliged to point out or warn about damages, stains or other irregularities found on the item, and is not responsible for them and does not accept complaints.
3.16. Due to their specific purpose, curtains are a useful textile item that can change and reduce their properties due to long-term exposure to various influences (sunlight, heat from heating elements such as radiators, dust, tobacco smoke and soot particles). Certain damages such as yellowing, weakening and cracking of the material, loss of color, loss of strength of the material may be visible only after the washing/cleaning process. The Company is not responsible for such defects.
Due to the below-mentioned risks when dyeing textiles, these items are taken over for dyeing at the sole responsibility of the User.
3.18. The dyeing process is carried out at a temperature of 90 degrees for a duration of 3 hours.
3.19. Lined garments may experience lining tears, wrinkling, uneven coloring, or even some percentage shrinkage. These items cannot be ironed.
3.20. Fat stains on the garment that were not removed before dyeing will be fixed, the dye will not cover them and will become more pronounced.
3.21. In the case of garments that have faded in some places because they have come into contact with aggressive household bleaching agents, holes or partial and uneven concealment with color are possible. The end result depends on whether there is surface or deep damage to the material.
3.22. If there is a thread on the garment that is synthetic and not cotton, it will not be dyed, it can gather, and the material on those parts folds and cannot be ironed.
3.23. By choosing to use painting services, you confirm that you are fully aware of the risks listed here and that you unconditionally agree to them.

3.24 Leather can:
• become non-resistant due to the loss of the final protective treatment
• become stained due to the melting of the glue
• show signs of use such as damaged seams and other defects
• contain defects such as cracks, sewing holes, furrows that may only be visible when the leather is cleaned
• contain stains that have been incorrectly treated at home, so sometimes they cannot be completely removed
• be dyed with a dye that is not resistant to cleaning conditions, so the garment may change color
• have different shades after washing if it is made of different types of leather
• contain mold, which in most cases cannot or can be returned after some time
• contain unpleasant odors that can be felt even after cleaning because they cannot be removed
• have a lining that has a different color that can be copied onto the leather
• have partial saturation with fat from the leather, which can fade the color.

3.25. When dyeing smooth leather, the leather may stiffen slightly. This phenomenon is reduced by wearing and mechanical movement. The quality of painting depends solely on the color and quality of the substrate of the object being painted.
3.26. The company does not guarantee for:
• The quality of the leather from which the object is made,
• Color quality on leather and textile parts, where the color may transfer from the leather to the lining or the color of the leather may change during cleaning.
• Removal of all types of deep stains on the leather, especially those caused by blue dye from jeans clothing
• Removal of all types of deep soiling on the textile part and lining

3.27. By choosing to use the cleaning service for leather goods and fashion accessories, you confirm that you are fully aware of the risks listed here, and you unconditionally agree to them.
3.28. When cleaning synthetic carpets or carpets made of natural fibers (wool or silk), it is impossible to completely remove specific stains such as ink and paint, blood, urine, coffee, etc.
3.29. It is impossible to completely remove the smell of pet urine from the carpet.

3.30. With shaggy carpets or carpets with high flora, it is impossible to completely remove animal and other hairs, and there is a possibility and they still shake after cleaning. There is a possibility that the high flora can be laid down after cleaning.
3.31. With woolen, silk and unique carpets, shedding of fibers is a normal occurrence, and it depends on the quality of the fibers and the way the carpet is made. It is quite normal for 10% of the weight of the wool carpet to shed.
3.32. Wool carpets are cleaned at the customer’s responsibility by shampooing and centrifuging.
3.33. When cleaning or washing a carpet with a hard bottom, the hem may come off or the glue may penetrate the face or back of the carpet, resulting in the appearance of yellow stains that cannot be removed.
3.34. It is impossible to whiten the fringes, and if they have been damaged by previous procedures or due to age, it is possible for them to be damaged even more.
3.35. After the washing/cleaning process, the following may appear:
• Damage caused by heating elements (fireplaces, radiators, or heating)
• Damage caused by long-term exposure to direct sunlight (change in color tone)
• Falling floor from the weight of the furniture that stood on it
• Damage caused by walking
• Treating the carpet with various household products that are not well washed off the carpet

3.36. In the case of knotted, knitted and handmade unique carpets, during cleaning, there may be “spilling” of paint due to poor color fastness and damage/unraveling of the edge of the carpet, which we cannot influence.
3.37. In the process of cleaning viscose carpets, there can be a significant loss of strength (shedding and rotting of the carpet), loss of shine and spilling of paint. On light-colored viscose carpets, there is a possibility of yellow stains from moisture and sun that cannot be removed by the cleaning process.
3.38. Completely white carpets are prone to graying and it is impossible to restore them to their original state.
3.39. Carpets that, according to the manufacturer’s declaration, have all cleaning methods prohibited, are cleaned solely at the party’s responsibility.
3.40. The only method used to wash carpets is machine washing. Carpets that, according to the manufacturer’s declaration, have a ban on machine washing are treated solely at the customer’s responsibility.


4. Taking into account what is described under point 3 of these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees not to hold the Company responsible or seek compensation in cases where the Company cannot be held responsible for the resulting damage.
4.1. The Company’s liability for damage is excluded for:
• damage, material weakness, defects on the material that are not noticeable before the cleaning or washing process
• treatment of items without a stitched declaration
• treating the item with a sewn-in declaration that does not correspond to the proper maintenance of the item
• treatment of the article with poor color fastness of the material, where the color may transfer from one part to another
• treatment of garments with natural fur which, depending on the age and quality, is not stable in the process of chemical cleaning allowed according to the sewn declaration of the garment
• for natural and artificial fur that cannot be separated from the item of clothing (jackets with a hood, sleeves, etc.), which is not stable in the process of chemical cleaning permitted according to the sewn-in declaration of the item of clothing, i.e. for which the information on the sewn-in label does not correspond to the actual item for which the service is ordered in the order for which the manufacturer is responsible (item 3.6 of these General Terms and Conditions)
• age, wear and tear of the item of clothing, which results through the loss of color tone, shrinkage, loss of original shape and weakening-cracking of the material
• treating objects with applications (buckles, beads, sequins, fasteners, buttons and belts)

5. When choosing the service and receiving the item, the user is obliged to inform the employee who receives the item about the condition of the item.
5.1. The user agrees that the service is performed at his own risk, and the Company’s liability for any damage is excluded.
5.2. It is not possible for the Company to detect all defects on each item before treatment (age of the item, untrue information on the sewn-on label, etc.) The Company is not responsible for any defects that appear, due to the nature of the items existing at the time of handing over the item to the Company, and as stated in point 4 of these General Terms and Conditions.
5.3. If any of the defects become apparent during the cleaning/painting process, etc., the Company will stop the service, and an employee of the Company will contact the User and ask him for instructions on further action.
5.4. Upon completion of the service, the User is obliged to inspect the item without delay.
5.5. After the User inspects and takes over the item on which the service was performed, the Company is no longer responsible for defects that could have been noticed during a normal inspection.
The company is obliged to visibly display a notice on the way to submit a written complaint from paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article in its business premises.
5.6. In the event that the User is not satisfied with the service provided, or believes that there are defects caused by the Company, he is obliged to inform the Company’s employee without delay.
5.7. An employee of the Company will investigate the complaint on the spot and do everything in his power to the complaint was decided without delay. The deadline for submitting a complaint is 24 hours after taking over the disputed item.
5.8. In case the User is not satisfied with the cleaning service, and the dissatisfaction is justified, the Company will repeat the cleaning procedure free of charge.
9.4. The User’s complaint will be processed in accordance with the rules of the profession, taking into account the information available to the Company about the traceability of the item entrusted to the Company for service. When processing a complaint, the Company may contact the manufacturer in order to receive information on the method of manufacturing and quality control of the product before placing internationally valid symbols on the method of maintenance on the sewn-in label, the responsibility for which lies solely with the manufacturer. The User will be informed about the results of the investigation into the complaint within 15 days via e-mail or registered mail. The user is obliged to contact the Company, come and pick up the item within 30 days from the day of receipt of the results of the inspection. After a period of 60 days, the Company has the right to dispose of the item and, in accordance with the Textile Waste Disposal Act, will hand over the unclaimed items to Caritas, some of the associations of its own choice, or a waste disposal company.
9.5. In the event that it is determined that the damage was caused by the actions of the Company or the loss of the object, the Company will compensate the User for the resulting damage, which is estimated depending on the age of the object, further load capacity, extent of damage, etc. In the case of complete destruction, the Company will Compensate the user for damages equal to the market value of the item, taking into account the age of the item in accordance with the table from point 9.6. of these General Conditions. To determine the amount of damages in this case, the User is obliged to provide the Company with information on the age of the object and proof of purchase (receipt). In case of lack of proof of product purchase (receipt), in order to determine the current market value of the item, it will be necessary to conduct an investigation on the price of the item at the time of purchase and the age of the item.
9.6. Taking into account the lifespan of the item as described in point 3.1. of these General Conditions, the market value of the object in relation to the value of the object is reduced by the age of the object in percentages as follows:

Table of assessment of the payment value of the subject
Fabric Average lifespan 0-12 months <2 years < 3 <4 years <5 years
Natural 4 50,00% 40,00% 30,00% 20,00% 0,00%
Natural fur 7 80,00% 70,00% 60,00% 50,00% 40 % i manje
Smooth and velor leather 5 70, 00 % 60,00% 50, 00 % 50, 00 % 50,00%
Mc cloud jackets 5 80,00% 70,00% 60,00% 60,00% 60,00%
Suit 4 50-70 % 40,00% 30,00% 30,00% 20,00%
Pants, skirts, shirts 3 50,00% 40,00% 30,00% 20,00% 20,00%
Sportswear 2 40,00% 30,00% 20,00% 0,00% 0,00%
Quilts 7 50-70 % 50,00% 40,00% 30,00% 20,00%
Curtains 5 40,00% 30,00% 20,00% 10,00% 0,00%
Carpets 7 40,00% 30,00% 20,00% 20,00% 10,00%

9.7. If the complaint is resolved to mutual satisfaction, the User and the Company will sign a record of the aforementioned and a Certificate of Receipt of Damage Compensation, or, at the User’s option, of substitute fulfillment of the obligation using the Company’s services in the amount of the established amount of damage.
9.8. In the case of complete destruction of the object, at the moment of signing the Certificate of payment of damages or of using the Company’s services instead of payment, the destroyed object becomes the property of the Company and the User no longer claims any rights to it.
9.9. If the User’s complaint cannot be resolved to mutual satisfaction, an expert examination will be conducted in authorized institutions or with the help of an authorized court expert.
9.10. Regardless of the existence of a complaint, the User is obliged to settle the bill for the services rendered to the Company without delay.
The impossibility of removing every single stain does not mean that the service was not performed professionally and properly. Every professionally and properly performed service is subject to payment.
9.11. Until the Company’s account for the services rendered is fully settled, the Company has the right to retain the User’s item for which the service was performed.
11. The user is obliged to collect the object for which the Company performed the service within 30 days from the day of receipt of the object indicated on the Receipt.
In the event that the User does not collect the item within 30 days, the Company has the right to dispose of the item after the 60-day period has passed, and in accordance with the Textile Waste Disposal Act, the unclaimed items will be handed over to Caritas or a waste disposal company.
12. The Company provides services in accordance with the current price list, which is available in every branch office of the Company. In the event that certain services are on sale in a certain period, the same will be stated in each of the company’s branches.
13. Discounts and promotions are not mutually exclusive.
14. All relations between the User and the Company that are not defined by these General Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia.
15. The court in the Republic of Croatia will be competent to resolve disputes arising from or in connection with the Company’s services.

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