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Stone washing – professional stone cleaning service


Stone washing takes place at your location, we use the following stone washing steps:

  • Step 1 – moistening the stone
  • Korak 2 – treatment with the agent
  • Korak 3 – machine brushing of the stone
  • Korak 4 – rinsing the agent with a high-pressure cleaner
  • Korak 5 – repeating the process as needed


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Our expert team comes to the field and with the help of professional machines and detergents removes stone impurities

Čišćenje kamena

stone cleaning (washing)

When it comes to stone in the household, on the house itself or in the garden, in the event of spilling something that will leave a stain on the stone, it is best to try to collect the substance as quickly as possible with a cloth or napkin in such a way as to absorb the substance, and by no means rub it on the surface because they thus, the consequences are greater due to the porosity of the stone and we expand the area of the stain. If it is already too late or the stain is not caused by our fault but due to natural factors such as dirty rains, leaves or grass growing through the joints, then it is necessary to choose the right approach.


Cleaning and washing stone is not an easy task. When cleaning, we must know what type of stone we are cleaning and the origin of the stain in order to choose the appropriate chemical agent for the most effective effect and to avoid further damage. When we talk about cleaning and washing stone, we also think about protective treatment after cleaning. Therefore, to properly clean the stone and ensure the subsequent resistance of the stone to dirt, it is necessary to choose the correct chemical cleaning agent, the most optimal and least aggressive cleaning procedure, and the correct chemical protection agent.


For your cleaning needs, we have at our disposal pressure and high-pressure washers, as well as manual and mechanical brushes. The chemical agents will depend on the type of your stone and the dirt that needs to be removed. We will carry out the subsequent protection of the stone in agreement with you.


The Lavanderia laundry pays great attention to the devices we use to wash your stone. The laundry room is equipped only with high-end devices of the world-famous brands Miele, Schulthess, Electrolux and Krebe Tippo and high environmental characteristics.

Ecological acceptability

We care about the environment and work only with the most acceptable devices.

High performance

With a high-quality selection of devices, we guarantee top quality and speed in our work.

Top brands – stone washing

We use top devices for top cleaning results, check the quality of the cleaned products and recognize the quality

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